Wednesday, March 17, 2010

{Hey Hannah & Seeing Spots}

Yup, it's another one of those Rag Bags -
Look, I latch onto something once I get the hang of it - and honestly these are SOOOO easy they just started practically making themselves at this point....

Up first - my niece has a very unhealthy obsession with Hannah Montana (her dogs name is Liddy Little, Hannah Montana, Miley Cyrus --- but dont' worry, in another week she'll add another surname on .... :) ) but really - she does love HM so of COURSE when I found this HM fabric in a discounted remnant bucket at a local store I had to buy it for HER rag bag - I did go off to purchase the blue stars fabric special for her after talking with her and showing her the HM fabric (her insistence was purple, but I couldn't find a purple that went with this anywhere so I gave up).

Her verdict? She loves it

Then I made my oldest daughter one of her own too - for all the ones I've made for the kids so far I've just used approx. 1/2 yard of fabric of each kind but keep in mind on those that you are going to "fussy cut" (thanks to a sewing mentor of mine - K - for teaching me that term) (btw - it means when you are choosy on what you cut for your project - i.e. how I lined up the Hannah Montana images on the my squares for cutting them out) then you need to give yourself some extra as you'll be wasting quite a bit this way possibly.

So this is my daughters - the brown was made using 1 fat quarter (that was all the store had - it's what I originally wanted for MY purse, but when I went back to buy more they where GONE GONE GONE) - the pink fabric I bought because I like it and it just so happened they go pretty well together (at least I think so).

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