Saturday, March 13, 2010

{Ragga Riffic}

So my newfound sewing adventure started because of seeing these super cute "rag bags" that fellow Stampin UP! demonstrator where posting all over my Demonstrator lists, blogs etc.

I finally got the courage to pull that beautiful Singer machine from the closet and let Sally get a breath ..... and I decided that of course my very first project would have to be my very own Rag Bag purse.

By NO means am I trying to type out a tutorial here, just a quick rundown of what I did to create this project (my version will probably drive my teacher friend nuts - she can't STAND poorly written tutes and such!)

Items used: fabric (I THINK that I used about 1/2 yard of each fabric -this included "waste" and a little extra I'm sure), Big Shot (Stampin UP), Scallop Square Die (Stampin UP! Exclusive), all purpose (dual duty) thread, sewing machine, iron, quiltering batting (I bought Fusible batting b/c I like the density of it but didn't attempt to fuse it).

To create my purse I used two different fabrics. Some of the purses I've seen others make have used 3-4 fabrics or even a different fabric for every "patch" of the purse.

You run the fabric through the Big Shot machine on the Scallop Square die to create your pieces. You can run 4-8 layers at a time (depending on the thickness of your fabric). Then I cut my fusible batting into 3x3 squares. Placed a piece of batting between two scallop squares (with the rights sides facing out on both front and back panels). Then you can pin or if you are "good" at sewing you can just hold them - do a diagonal stitch across. Then turn and go the OTHER way on the diagonal to create an "x"

Then you'll lay your pieces out and assemble into a bag - choosing however large you want - 3x3 panels (three rows of three squares) or smaller or larger :) Then you will assemble the bag by stitching your pieces together to form the appropriate number of rows etc. I won't even try to explain that because there are MANY other people who write that out MUCH better than myself and have already posted step by step instructions (with photographs) out there :) I can't top that I'm sure.

I formed my own handles using an iron and strips of fabric and included a small strip of batting inside too for "comfort" and support.

I think it turned out pretty cool. Once I get the nerve to wash it then it will have the "rag" look that is selling in malls all over (well at least at ours anyhow --- for upwards of $20 per bag).

My total cost was approx $8-10 I think - well that is what it would have been if my friend wouldn't have let me use some of HER fabric b/c what I had just wasn't doing it for me (thanks J for the pink polka dots). That includes the batting, the fabric, and a spool of thread (though I didn't use the whole thing of course).

I'll be posting some of my other projects very soon :)

PS: for those that are local I've had a few requests for me to teach this as a hands on class - I'm definitely open to is - I just need to work out the logistics (we all will need sewing machines)!

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