Monday, March 15, 2010

{Tink Tink}

Well of course once I made ONE of those Rag Bags I had to make more - they are SUPER addictive.... I'd almost venture to say that I am borderline in need of some rehab at this point ....

So my next project - to create Rag Bags for my daughters and nieces - (I'm not sure these can be "manly" enough for my boys - but more on that in a future post).

First up in line - a TinkerBell purse for my almost 4 year old - Tink is her new obsession - seems that Dora has now because the "fair weather friend" in this relationship and she sits lonely in the toy box for days at a time ----- My little shopping buddy was with me when shopping for fabric and kept asking for various fabrics too (I'm not so sure she even knew was it was for - it's just that she's easily distracted by beautiful and shiny things) and I kept telling her I'd find her something "just right" .... well on an excursion without her I found a "remnant" piece of Tinkerbell fabric on discount, the green just so happened to be on remnant discount too :)
It works out PERFECT that the Scallop Square die for the Big Shot from Stampin UP! that is used for this project is clear so I could super easily see where to line up my die to make the cuts so I could feature Tink and each of her beautiful fairy friends on the panels of this purse.

So what do you think?
Her verdict? ---- SHE LOVES IT!!! She carries it around the house all day long and shows it off to EVERYONE who comes (including the mailman) by.

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